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Thank you to everyone who had pre-ordered the baubles, I have decided to end the pre-orders as we approach christmas because I can't guarantee a postage date for any further orders, keep an eye out for next years, have a very merry holiday! 



Holiday baubles are now available for pre-order, they come in a set of three or in you'd like to purchase just one, send us through a message!


The neutral baubles are inspired by my "The Gathering" pieces. Like the name suggests, they represent the gathering of people which is something I love most about the holidays.


The pink and yellow baubles were loved last year and I wanted to re-create them! These guys represent warmth, love and summer.

Pre-order Baubles

  • The baubles are each hand painted, please be gentle with them and when the time comes to store them away, wrap them up in something soft or be sure to keep them away from any hard, sharp or rough edges which could potentially scratch the paint. 

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